XC Coaches

USSA Coach of the Year Erik FloraProfessional, fun and energetic coaches are the backbone of USSA ski racing. The USSA Sport Education Department delivers high quality education programs at all levels of the pipeline for coaches of skiing and snowboarding in the United States.  Our philosophy is based on the USSA Training Systems.  With this long-term development focus, USSA recognizes that it takes the leadership of quality coaches at each level of the training system for athletes to reach their full potential in sport and in life.


Become A Coach

Are you ready to start coaching cross country skiing?  Learn how.


Clinics and Programs

USSA Sport Education supports the professional development of cross country coaches through coaching clinics, conferences, webinars and other events.  Learn more.


Certification and Testing

The coaching certification program is the primary means for coaches to develop their sport and teaching knowledge and to be recognized for their experience and abilities.  The program is designed around clinics, supporting resources and classes offered by the USSA and its partner organizations.  USSA certification is recommended for all member coaches, from part-time and volunteer to full-time.  Learn more.


Center of Excellence TV

Watch video clips of cross country on-snow and dryland training with coaching tips and athlete and coach interviews.  Learn more.


Continuing Education

Certified coaches are encouraged to earn continuing education credits every two years to keep their certification active.  There are many ways to earn credit and continue your development as a coach.  Learn more.


Education Shop

Educational manuals and DVDs and CDs for coaches, clubs and athletes are available at the USSA Education Shop.  Learn more.


Coaching Awards

Congratulations to Erik Flora, named 2013 USSA Cross Country International Coach of the Year, and Gus Kaeding, named 2013 USSA Cross Country Domestic Coach of the Year. Learn more