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The USSA's Athlete Development Pipelines have been a cornerstone in the program design for over a decade. During that time, pipelines were developed to illustrate how an athlete moves through the USSA competition system, and who is primarily responsible for the development of athletes at those different stages (clubs, divisions, U.S. Ski Team).
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The purpose of the ski jumping/nordic combined program is to support the vision and mission of the USSA to make the United States the best in the world in Olympic skiing and snowboarding. The mission is to provide strong leadership that establishes and supports athletic excellence in accordance with USSA's core values as well as design a clear path for achievement in the sports of ski jumping and nordic combined.  Learn more.



Jumping/Nordic Combined Rules, Competition Guide, and FIS Rules. Learn more.



The USSA provides many resources to help its members to learn about their sport, enjoy their sport and become better competitors. Nordic combined and ski jumping members can access video clips on Center of Excellence TV. The USSA Education Shop carries athlete and coach resources such as the Cross Country Technique Fundamentals CD and the Elite Sport Performance Series of CDs covering Sport Nutrition, Sport Psychology, Strength and Power, and Core Training.



Achieving a national team nomination to participate as a member of the U.S. Ski Team or U.S. Snowboarding is an amazing accomplishment and one for which an athlete can be justifiably proud. It is the result of years of training and competition resulting in the opportunity for an athlete to showcase their skills on the world’s stage and another steppingstone to pursue goals and dreams for Olympic gold.



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