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During the 2014-2015 season with the injury of Noah Hoffman, Erik Bjornsen was often the lone male distance competitor for the U.S., a role he took advantage of to gain experience in international racing. He wasted no time putting that experience to use skiing to a top-30 finish in the 30k skiathlon at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun. “I was definitely trying to ski a race where I could move up in the skate leg, but that whole thing kind of went out the window when I found myself being dropped from a 60-person group in the classic leg,” Bjornsen said of his 2015 season best. “At that point, you have to do everything you can to hold on.”

Bjornsen started downhill skiing as a young child, but when his family realized cross country skiing in the Methow Valley was some of the best in the region, they made the switch. He has been competing in cross country ever since.

A Washington state native, Bjornsen attends college at Alaska Pacific University. When he’s not training, doing schoolwork or racing overseas, he likes to explore Alaska. “It’s a beautiful place that is very peaceful," he says. "All my problems and worries seem to go away when I'm miles away from civilization throwing a hook out into a stream packed with salmon."



Teams: 2014
6th, Team Sprint C, Sochi, RUS, 2014

Teams: 2013, 2015
14th, Team Sprint, Val di Fiemme, ITA, 2013

27th, Team Sprint FS, Liberec, CZE, 2013

U.S. Titles
2013, 15k FS, Midway, UT

U.S. SuperTour
15 podiums (including three victories)
1st, 15k CL, Sun Valley, ID, 2015
5th, 1k FS, Sun Valley, ID, 2015
1st, 2k FS Pursuit Uphill, Tahoe, CA, 2013
1st, 3.1k FS, Tahoe, CA, 2013
1st, CL Sprint, Bozeman, MT, 2013
2nd, 15k CL, Bozeman, MT, 2013

2011 NCAA All-American
2nd in NCAA Championship 20k classic, 2011
Three Junior World Championships Teams
Three Junior National Championship Titles