2017-2018 Cross Country Calendars

2017-2018 key dates: TBC at USSA Congress in May 2017

US Nationals:

Anchorage Alaska, January 3-8, 2018

Junior Nationals:

Soldier Hollow, Midway Utah, March 4-11, 2018

Super Tour finals:

Sun Valley Idaho, March 24-29, 2018


Development Camps 2017

June 17-24                     Western REG                                   Park City, UT

June 22-28                     Eastern REG                                    Waitsfield, VT

July 5-10                         Central REG                                     Marquette, MI

July 12-17                       Alaska REG                                      Palmer, AK

July 23-30                       National U16 Camp                           Sun Valley, ID

Aug 1-15                         National Training Group                    Park City, UT

October 8-15                  NTG/ National Elite Group Camp     Park City, UT

Regional Coaches Certification Conferences 2017

Sept 15-17?                    Eastern Coaches Certification Conference (Level 100 & 200)           TBD – VT or MA

Oct 20 - 22                      Central Coaches Certification Conference (Level 100 & 200)            Cable, WI

Oct 24 - 26                      Western Coaches Certification Conference (Level 100 & 200)          Park City, UT

Oct 27 - 29                      National Coaches Symposium                                                         Park City, UT



2016-2017 Cross Country Calendars

2016-2017 USSA SuperTour and Major Championships Schedule

2016-2017 USSA-FIS sanctionned races as of October 5th, 2016
In White: USSA races
In Yellow: FIS races


The USSA NRL/FIS calendar will be updated regularly as organizers enter their race into the USSA system

If you don't see your race here, please register your race with USSA



2015-2016 Cross Country Calendars

2015-2016 US SuperTour and Major USSA Championships Schedule
The USSA NRL/FIS calendar   (races are as of 12/18 and have to be in the USSA System)
(This calandar has been updated on 12/18/2015.  Organizers are still putting races into the USSA system.  If you don't see your race here, please register your race with USSA)


2014-2015 Cross Country Calendars